A Friendship that helps

British Flair
6.-8. September 2024

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  • English

How can I help?

The tombola team from “Friends of Britain e. V.“ would be delighted if you could help us either in one or several of the following areas.

A few weeks prior to British Flair:
Assistance in sending out a mass mailing by email or normal post to potential donors of prizes and gift vouchers.

Support in chasing these up by telephone where no reply has been received to our begging letter.

One day before the event:
Preparation of prize lists for both days of the event.

Decorating our stand.

During the event:
Handing out prizes on the stand (by the hour).

Selling tombola tickets on one or both days during the event (hourly)

Donations in kind (for the raffle):
Please contact: Linda Struck LS[at]englishtranslations.de

Friends of Britain e.V. – Hamburger Sparkasse

Account 1043 236 627 Sort Code 200 505 50:

IBAN DE03 2005 0550 1043 2366 27

We are grateful for your support of Friends of Britain e.V, and our objective of supporting non-profit organizations in Hamburg. FoB does not receive any governmental grants.

All collected donations are passed on to specific projects of chosen organizations (or charitable causes) located in Hamburg.

According to the last Notice of Exemption by the Tax Office Hamburg, issued on Juny 30th 2020 (Steuerbescheid/ Freistellungsbescheid 2016 bis 2018 vom 30.07.2020 des Finanzamts Hamburg-Nord – 17 – (Tax Number) St.Nr.: 17/443/06031) Friends of Britain e.V. is recognized as non-profit and is authorized to issue tax certificates for donations given to the organization with the purpose of promoting and supporting public health, youth and social welfare and intercultural understanding (German Tax Code: § 52 Abs. 2 Satz 1 Nr. 3, 4, 9 und 13 AO).

Tax deduction entitlement of donations, for your information:
For donations of up to €200 the German tax office accepts an account statement of the transfer as official donation receipt. This relieves non-profit organizations like ours from excessive administrative efforts and extra costs (e.g. for postage). However, if requested we are happy to provide you with a receipt for donations from €100 upward. Your address is required for issuing the receipt, please provide it alongside your transfer.

DISCLAIMER: the English version of the following text has been translated from the German original for informational purposes only and is not guaranteed to be in the legally correct wording, we therefore hereby claim for it to not be legally binding. Please refer to the German version.
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