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British Flair
August 26th to 28th 2022

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03.05.2022 Ankerland e.V. voted as Friends of Britain charity for British Flair 2022!
On Tuesday evening members of Friends of Britain e.V. and their honorary members voted for "Ankerland e.V." as the main charity for British Flair 2022. Bettina Saffran, who is responsible for fundraising and communication at Ankerland e.V., was delighted that her organisation was selected as the "British Flair Charity 2022".

This year, British Flair will focus on and mark a very special occasion - namely "Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee" marking the 70th anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth II to the throne (6 February 1952) and will take place on the weekend of 26th - 28th August 2022. We hope to see you there!


12.11.2021 – Dankesbrief von Die ARCHE Hamburg e.V.
In response to our cheque presentation this year in November 2021, we received this very appreciative letter from Sibylle von Nerée, Freundeskreis Die ARCHE Hamburg. It is too wonderful not to publish

Liebe Frau Sprock,
haben Sie ganz, ganz herzlichen Dank für den so wunderbar wertvollen gestrigen Abend.
Eine große Freude herrscht im Freundeskreis über diese so große Summe der Förderung.
Und dann gab es ja noch die eine so überraschende Privatspende, so dass wir SEHR gesegnet sind.
Danke Ihnen und Ihrem phantastischen Team um Sie herum.
Wir vom Freundeskreis sind sehr, sehr dankbar, an solch einem Abend so viel Zuspruch zu unserer ehrenamtlichen Arbeit zu erfahren.
Das macht Mut, weiter für diese Kinder zu streiten und die wertvolle Arbeit der großartigen ARCHE Mitarbeiter abzusichern.
Ihnen und Ihrem wunderbaren Team nochmals herzlichen Dank,
auch für diesen so guten Abend für die ARCHE in Hamburg,
Dankbar und herzlichst,
Ihre Sibylle Nerée

11.11.2021 – Anniversary Cheque Presentaion from Friends of Britain e.V at The Anglo-German Club, Hamburg
Friends of Britain e.V. hands over donations amounting to 17,500 euros

Sibylle von Nerée and Tobias Lucht from the Friends of Die ARCHE Hamburg e.V. accepted 13,000 euros on behalf of Friends of Britain e.V.. The Friends of Britain team, together with the teams from Freundeskreis Die ARCHE Hamburg and Klinik-Clowns Hamburg, eagerly sold thousands of raffle tickets at the Home & Garden Meets British Flair event last August 2021. The proceeds from the British Flair raffle and other activities - including sales by the LIONS Clubs Klövensteen and Altona - will now be donated to charitable projects in Hamburg. In addition to the main recipient, the Freundeskreis Die Arche Hamburg, the donations went to the Klinik-Clowns Hamburg, the Anglican Church St. Thomas à Becket and the Benita Quadflieg Stiftung.
In the past 31 years of British Day and British Flair, our association has succeeded in donating a total of more than 750,000 euros to charitable projects in Hamburg and the surrounding area. This has only been possible thanks to the tireless and dedicated volunteers who have supported us over the years. Together we are strong!

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