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September 8th to 10th 2023

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British Flair 2022
Ankerland e.V.

Ankerland is a non-profit association.
Severe traumatisation can affect any child. An accident or a natural disaster, violence or abuse – the souls of many children and young people are wounded every day. And there is still too little therapeutic help.

Ankerland has been committed to improving this inadequate care since 2008. Because just like the body, an injured soul needs intensive treatment in order to heal. The goal is to anchor our multi-professional therapy concept in standard care. Until then, we finance this much-needed work through donations:

The first intensive trauma therapy centre for children and adolescents in Germany, which works like a day clinic and was opened in Hamburg Eppendorf in 2016.

In the trauma counselling centre, parents, foster and adoptive parents as well as other reference systems of traumatised children and adolescents find help.

The Trauma Information Line provides information on treatment and therapy services throughout Germany for those seeking help and advice.

In 2018, we are organising the Trauma Days for the third time, a unique information and discussion forum for experts, those affected and the interested public.
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Ankerland e.V.

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British Flair 2021

The ARCHE Children's Foundation in Hamburg

DIE ARCHE takes children off the streets and supports them on their way to graduating from school and into vocational training. The young people have a permanent contact point in the afternoon at DIE ARCHE, where they find reliable caregivers who help them find a good path to a self-determined life.
British Flair 2020
Klinik-Clowns Hamburg e.V.
They bring laughter, humour and entertainment to children and adults in hospitals and shelter homes, as well as colourful change to senior citizens' homes.
British Flair 2019
MUT Academy
It gives Hamburg pupils from a challenging environment the courage to achieve a school leaving certificate and to move on into professional life and encourages their self-confidence and motivates them to take their life into their own hands.
British Flair 2018
KinderLeben e.V.
This association supports severely ill children and their families, fulfils minor requests and wishes, helps to make their everyday life more tolerable, sometimes bears the costs of a funeral and looks after other children in the affected families.
British Flair 2017
Benita Quadflieg Stiftung
In the Kinderhaus Mignon children who have been taken out of their families by the authorities in cases where the child’s welfare is endangered, can find a new caring home in family-like residential groups with supportive professional psychological help.
British Flair 2016
Hände für Kinder e.V. (Hands for Children Society) – Kupferhof
The “Kupferhof” provides a short time home up to 12 handicapped children. While they are cared for by a qualified team, their families can regain new strength or take time for the healthy children in the family.
British Flair 2015
Ein Platz für Kinder – Mattisburg
Arrangement of a garden suitable for children and one year of visits by the Klinik-Clowns Hamburg
British Flair 2014
Förderverein für Stadtteilarbeit in St. Pauli Süd e.V.
Reading encouragement group Kölibri and youth project BigPoint/Girls for career perspectives
British Flair 2013
Klinik-Clowns Hamburg e.V.
Educational work at eye specialists and in schools, financing of a postgraduate position (research) in GB
Special Events 2014 – 2016
Ampu Vita e.V.
Excursion to the BVB (Football Club Borussia Dortmund) for the “Ampukids“
Runder Tisch Blankenese
German courses for refugees, playgroups for children
Foundation “Stiftung Mittagskinder“
On the various venues run by the Mittagskinder more than 200 children in socially deprived areas in Hamburg are given regular and healthy meals free of charge. They also receive help with homework and the moral support of qualified social workers and educators.
Stiftung Mammazentrum Hamburg
“Breast Care Nurse”, to accompany women with breast cancer and giving help and advice in medical and psycho-social issues – from the diagnosis via treatment to discharge, and also afterwards.
THC Hamburg Cricket e.V.
Cricket equipment – a little bit of home for many refugees from Afghanistan.
British Flair 2013 and before – overview
Aktion Kinderparadies - Betreute Kinderspielplätze Hamburg e.V.
Shelter hut
Ankerland e.V.
Therapy with Dr. Andreas Krüger for traumatised children
Cafée mit Herz e.V.
Acquisition of a fridge and a deep-freeze chest
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Osteogenesis imperfecta (Glasknochen) - Betroffene e.V.
Financing of a youth and mobile weekend
Die Burg - Frischlinge Elmshorn e.V.
Financing of summer outings for neglected children
Elbe Aktiv Spielplatz
Equipment for the playground
Förderkreis Erlenbusch e.V.
Extra time for fulfilling heartfelt wishes, e.g. visits to the zoo, eating ice-cream, time for cuddling and being read to, stroll around town, going for a walk
Förderverein für blinde und sehbehinderte Kinder
Canoeing holiday, purchase of tandems
Förderverein Kinder-Hospiz Sternenbrücke e.V.
Purchase of video systems for each room
Freunde der Kinderklinik des UKE Eppendorf e.V.
Acquisition of light fittings for a multisensory room
Freundeskreis Die Arche Hamburg e.V.
Learning Camp for the Youth Section – Preparation week for forthcoming exams
Freundeskreis Die Arche Hamburg e.V. / Jugendhaus
Preparation for school leaving exams through coach and learning seminars
Kindertagesheim für körperbehinderte Kinder Wilhelmsburg
Musical instruments for a multisensory room
NCL Stiftung – für eine Zukunft ohne Kinderdemenz
Educational work at eye specialists and in schools, financing of a postgraduate position (research) in GB
Nestwärme e.V. Deutschland
Time donors for brothers and sisters of ill and disabled children
Palliativ Zentrum (Palliativstation Rissen)
Financing of additional doctors’ hours (night duty)
Therapeutisches Reiten – Heilpädagogisches Voltigieren
Acquisition of a horse
Waldkindergarten Volksdorf
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